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EvoTunes | Big Bang

EvoTunes | Big Bang

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"Elegance of Peril💥"
Inspiration from the explosive birth of universe, the mystery and peril, symbolizing the excitement of danger and fearlessly confronting the unknown.


Acrylonitrile Butadiene/ Glass Fiber/ and Styrene Polycarbonate resins with high resistance to both deformation and fracture.

Durable: Engineered for exceptional strength and resilience, these resins resist wear and tear and meet the highest industry standards for toughness. Tailored for high-stress environments where durability is essential.

UV resistant: Specially formulated to withstand high temperatures and UV radiation, the compounds maintain their shape and structural integrity. Ideal for applications requiring resistance to heat and thermal stress.

Water-proof: Carefully crafted for exceptional water resistance, our formulations repel water damage and can be used in outdoor environments. Designed for applications where exposure to moisture is a concern.

Disclaimer: Prototype images displayed on our website may differ from the final product as we enhance it with finer materials and custom colourisation to maximise quality and performance.


DD: 154mm x 116mm x 51mm
GG: 108mm x 130mm x 42mm
SS: 157mm x 105mm x 45mm
BB: 149mm x 149mm x 45mm

Care Instructions

Use a soft cloth: Gently wipe away any dust or dirt from the surface of the case cover using a soft, dry cloth.

Avoid harsh chemicals: Do not use any cleaning solvents, abrasive materials, or harsh chemicals on your case cover. These substances can cause damage or discoloration to the material.

Do not wash: Never submerge your case cover in water or put it in the washing machine. Prolonged exposure to water can seep into the material and cause damage or discoloration.

By following these simple care instructions, your case cover will stay in great condition and continue to provide excellent protection for your device.

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